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Bamby on apron

© Dimitrije Ostojic www.dimitrijeostojic.com

I have seen a lot of different animals inside the area of military air bases, but this one is the strangest so far. This young roe deer came from nowhere straight to the apron where MiG-29 fighters are located. The Bamby, as they call her, is a very curious youngster, which usually seems to be the case with all youngsters, except this one apparently loves airplanes. Even the sound of noisy RD-33 engines does not scare her. When the engine starts she just moves behind the safe line on the apron with the rest of the crew…Curious, but still very caution, she will come few feet from you but she will not let you touch her. The pilots and the ground crew from 101st Fighter Squadron “Vitezovi” (The Knights) take care of her every time she comes to visit them, which is on daily bases…


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