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© Dimitrije Ostojic

F-16 AM Belgium Air Force solo display

More than 200 aircraft from 20 countries, almost 300000 visitors, two whole days of flights, beautiful landscapes of Styria and much more… Austrian Air Force couldn’t celebrate the centenary in a better way. My impression: AIRPOWER 11 is the best airshow I ever attended. The Zeltweg Airbase , where the show was held is located in the Styria state in Austria, in a valley surrounded by Alpine peaks over 2000m in height. It’s probably ’cause of the mountains that the AIRPOWER show is so photogenic. The host made a huge effort to enable the photographers and spotters the best conditions. If I remember well there were 13 locations for taking photos across the airbase, connected to press center with shuttle buses. Regarding the equipment I mostly used Canon 7D with the Canon 500/4 LIS lens, although because of short distance to the runway fine photos could be made with a “shorter” lens. Maybe something like 100-400 in combination with crop body would be ideal for this show. I will not speak about actual airshow a lot, the following 130 photos will do that better than me…

F-16AM Belgium Air Force

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Me-109 & Me-262

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  1. Дивне фотографије само не знам коју да одаберем за позадину: ластавицу или Ме-109?

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