Ladjevci Air Base

In the land of Tigers and Shadows

11. May 2013. – Open Day at Ladjevci Air Base [ 98. Aviation Brigade – Serbian Air Force]
My second visit to the 98. Aviation brigade in last 20 days…This time my plan was to come without a camera, just to enjoy in the flight program and chat with friends (and in same time to rest my shoulders from heavy equipment :) ). As usual at the last moment I decided to go with equipment, and I didn’t regret…

J-22 & NJ-22 Orao from 241st attack squadron “Tigers”

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Sa-341 & Sa-342 Gazelle (Gama) from 714th Anti Armor Helicopter Squadron

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7 thoughts on “In the land of Tigers and Shadows

  1. Изузетно лепе слике и леп догађај. Свака част мајсторе!

  2. These aircraft (both the airplane and the helicopter) were actually manufactured in Bosnia, in “Soko” (Hawk) factory, in Mostar.

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