Joint exercise "Zajednički Poduhvat" ©2011  Dimitrije Ostojic

Joint Venture 2011

Few photos from the rehearsal of “Joint Venture 2011” military/police joint exercise. As you can see I spent most time on catching Mig’s over city of Niš :)

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Two long waited ex police Mi-17’s are overhauled and finally in service with Serbian Air Force. This is their first public appearance.

Tekst i fotografije © Dimitrije Ostojić

5 thoughts on “Joint Venture 2011

  1. Хе, хе, хе … И ја бих сликао наше МиГ-ове, кад би мого`!! Свака част, имаш око и мирну руку, фотографије су прва класа!!

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